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Group Coaching Cohort

Group Coaching Cohort

Group Coaching Cohorts create a small community in an intimate space to explore a specific topic together. All Group attendees receive access to the online course content. 


Each week, we dialogue around various topics while holding space for each person’s experience. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the topic, insight into their internal world, develop new tools and skillsets, and bond with fellow participants along the way.

Inward Inquiry Reviews

"I am better equipped to recognize codependent habits in myself and address them - e.g., not sacrificing the long term for the short term because it's easier or more comfortable. I think the group as a whole learned how to communicate better with each other. And it sounds a little silly to type this, but I learned the importance of leading by example. For example, I never thought about how sending an email at 10pm may come across - I may be unintentionally setting expectations to other staff to respond after hours/on weekends/etc."

Heart Ministry Center

C-Suite Codependency and Boundaries Group Participant

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