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Online Courses

All in-person Community Workshops have been recreated into an online, self-paced course for those who want to learn in the comfort of their homes. Purchasing an online course provides you with life-time access to all of the modules, videos, and reflection worksheets. Following completion of an online course, participants are invited to a one-hour debrief phone call with Lucy. Additionally, they are qualified to join an 8-week Group Coaching Cohort to continue their journey in a community setting.

Online Courses
Codependency and Boundaries Workshop

Codependency and
Boundaries Workshop

Practicing Self-Care by Putting Our Needs First

Do you struggle with boundary setting and codependency? Is it difficult for you to advocate for your needs with friends, family, coworkers, or your partner? Do you sometimes take on other people’s emotions or problems to the point that they feel like your own?

The term "codependency" is commonly misinterpreted - sometimes, I use the term "self-neglect" instead. Don't think of it as "needy" but rather as "selfless to an extreme."

Many codependent people come from alcoholic or dysfunctional homes. They have never had the opportunity to take care of themselves first. This intimate small group will explore the root causes of codependency and provide tangible ways to change unhealthy relational patterns.

This self-guided, virtual Workshop provides modules and reflection worksheets to explore the ways codependency manifests in our lives. We explore relational dynamics, healthy ways to foster connection, and setting boundaries as an anecdote.

Abbreviated Agenda Topics:

  • Family Culture

  • Understanding Codependency

    • Definition

    • Behavior patterns

    • Root causes

  • Understanding Boundaries

    • Definition

    • Examples

  • Recommendations for healing

Exploring Men's Emotions

Exploring Our Emotions
Expanding Men’s Emotional Intelligence

Abbreviated Agenda:

  • Men are Misunderstood

  • Masculine Social Norms Then & Now

  • Accessing, Identifying, and Naming Emotions

  • Navigating Conflict Cycles and Stress 

  • Communication Styles

  • Optimizing Your Strengths

  • Creating Connection in Your Relationships (That Doesn’t Feel Phony)

Have you been told by a spouse or loved one that you can’t open up? Do you have a hard time articulating your feelings, which then makes you shut down? Maybe you don’t even know how you feel. Many men have been raised to suppress their emotions and to show love by financially providing or acts of service. 


This self-guided, virtual Workshop provides modules and reflection work for you to explore these topics in the privacy of your home. Participants will receive actionable strategies for increasing their emotional intelligence, tools for self-expression in a way that feels comfortable, and opportunities to deepen their relationships.

Conflict Management Workshop

Conflict Management Workshop
Reframing Conflict
As Constructive

We live in a society that either avoids conflict altogether, or approaches it with intensity. When we are in conflict with a loved one, both ends of the spectrum are detrimental to the relationship.


This self-guided, virtual Workshop provides modules to help participants reframe conflict as an invitation into deeper understanding, rather than detachment. It sparks personal accountability and the opportunity to reflect upon the question, “what’s my part in this dynamic?” in a secure space.


This Workshop is a prerequisite to the 8-week Creating Connection: Navigating Conflict With Loved Ones Group.

Abbreviated Agenda Topics

  • Understanding Conflict

  • Conflict Management vs. Resolution

  • Reframing Conflict

  • Getting to the Root 1:1 Exercise

  • Determining Conflict Styles

  • De-Escalation Tips

  • Healthy Communication

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