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Group Workshops

Workplace Workshops

Healthy workplace relationships can transform an organization’s culture. Creating intentional spaces for connection leads to professional growth, greater retention, better communication, and emotionally invested employees. 

I will work with you 1:1 to customize your organization’s experience. From an assessment survey, to a consultation call; your Workshop will be completely tailored with your mission and values in mind.


Are you interested in a customized retreat? A facilitated conversation with your organization? A keynote speaker for an event? You name it, I will create it.


For more information, please fill out the form below and read more for suggested Workshop topics.

Codependency and Boundaries Workshop

Codependency and Boundaries Workshop

Many organizations struggle to foster functional workplace environments – especially in nonprofit and social service settings. When you are in the business of caring for others, your employees’ self-care often comes last. 


The term "codependency" is commonly misinterpreted - sometimes, I use the term "self-neglect" instead. Don't think of it as "needy" but rather as "selfless to an extreme."

This two hour Workshop explores the ways codependency manifests in the workplace. We explore limiting aspects of workplace culture, healthy ways to foster connection, and setting boundaries as an anecdote.

Abbreviated Agenda Topics:

  • Defining Aspects of Workplace Culture

  • Culture Discussion

  • Understanding Codependency

    • Definition

    • Behavior patterns

    • Root causes

  • Interactive Pair & Share

  • Disentangling Boundaries 

Protecting the Mind,
Body & Spirit at Work

Communication Workshop

Clear Communication Workshop


Communication is the process of exchanging information– which is deeply subjective. We all have our own communication styles, dispositions, and preference of channels.

When we operate solely from our default setting, we forget that there are other ways of communicating. This can result in misinterpretations, conflict, and missed opportunities for growth. 

  • Group Check-In

  • Communication Dynamics 

    • Miscommunications

    • Dispositions

    • Channels

    • Styles

  • Interactive practice with styles

  • Self-identification & group share

Exploring Communication
Styles  & Formats

Conflict Management Workshop

Conflict Management Workshop


We live in a society that either avoids conflict altogether, or approaches it with intensity. In a workplace setting, both ends of the spectrum are detrimental to employee well-being and productivity. 


This two-hour interactive Workshop helps participants reframe conflict as an invitation into deeper understanding, rather than detachment. It sparks personal accountability and the opportunity to reflect upon the question, “what’s my part in this dynamic?” in a secure space.


Abbreviated Agenda Topics

  • Conflict Management vs. Resolution

  • Reframing Conflict

  • Getting to the Root 1:1 Exercise

  • Determining Conflict Styles

  • Conflict Style Pair and Shair

  • De-Escalation Tips

  • Healthy Communication

Reframing Conflict
As Constructive

Annual Goal Planning Workshop

Annual Goal Planning Workshop

Every organization should gather to reflect upon the past year and project for the upcoming one. The losses are equally as important as the wins and provide context for the organization’s future. 


This four-hour interactive Workshop creates a format for leadership to share the Year in Review with their team. It also allows the team to play a role in the planning for the upcoming year. There are individual goal planning opportunities as well as small group, team goal planning. Participants will walk away with actionable goals and strategies so they have clear direction and recognize the impact they make in the organization. 


Abbreviated Agenda

  • Workplace Well-Being 

  • Leadership Introductions

  • Goal Setting Overview

  • Comfort Zone to Growth Zone

  • Goal Worksheet Overview

  • Team Goal Planning Work Group

  • Goal Sharing & Reframing

and Projections
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