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Hi, I'm Lucy

Let's do this together!

My Personal Journey

My first therapist left a lasting impression on me. I was 18 years-old and deeply struggling with interpersonal relationships – with my family, friends, whomever I was dating at the time, the mailman, your mom, you get it…everyone.

I found myself in a constant drama cycle that often ended with people completely cutting me out of their lives, or vice versa. I also made the mistake of taking on other people's emotions. I believed that having control was equivalent to being close to them, and I was overly invested in their affairs (even when they didn't ask for my involvement). It didn’t take long for my therapist to objectively state that I was, in fact, the common denominator amongst these conflicts.


I remember the aha moment. It was painful, upsetting, and somehow empowering. This realization illuminated the agency I had to change these dynamics, simply by taking ownership and changing my behaviors. He helped me see that these issues were not character defects, rather coping mechanisms I picked up along the way to feel safe. He had a way of exposing painful truths without making me feel judged or ashamed–which allowed me to grow. 


That sparked both my healing and educational journey, which inspired me to earn my master’s degree in conflict resolution and become a coach and workshop facilitator for these issues. 


There was something alluring about the coaching philosophy, compared to traditional therapy. While therapy processes trauma and the past, coaching provides a futuristic, action-oriented, hopeful container to create an evolved version of yourself. This path felt much more fulfilling; less about diagnosis and more about self-discovery.


I help clients enhance the quality of their relationships by encouraging personal accountability, fostering self-reflection, and creating a supportive environment.

Lucy Hancock

 In a world that tells us to look outward for solutions; I believe true transformation occurs when we have the courage to look inward.

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