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Hi, I'm Lucy

Let's do this together!

My Professional Journey

Trainer | Facilitator | Coach

As I reflect on the past 15 years of my personal and professional journey, I have been striving to live more consciously. This path has inspired me to discern the following:

  1. Distinguishing between what brings me joy and what dims my light

  2. Discovering how to share my unique talents with the world

When I realized that my natural gifts of curiosity, empathy, and insight could be applied to help people create better relationships (at home and at work), I knew I needed to create a business that would immerse me in these contexts. 

Here’s the deal: Having healthy and fulfilling relationships is not a matter of chance, it requires awareness and effort. Whether it's a family member, colleague, spouse, or friend, being in a relationship involves recognizing our part and the behaviors that impact the relational dynamic. 

The mission of my work is to create a space for clients and organizations to step into the fullness of their authenticity, empowerment, and potential through the development of healthy relationships.

Want to know more? Read about my personal journey here.

 In a world that tells us to look outward for solutions...true transformation occurs when we have the courage to look inward.

Lucy Hancock


  • Bachelors Degree & Master’s Degree in Conflict Resolution

  • Certified Dale Carnegie Leadership Trainer

  • Completion of Positive Intelligence Coaching Program

  • Level 1 Training in Gottman Methods

  • Circle Practice Training: Foundations of Restorative Justice

  • National Mediation Board 40 Hour Certification

Common Dysfunctional Behaviors We Address:

  • Codependency (aka: self-neglect) and a lack of boundaries

  • Inability to navigate conflict + difficult conversations

  • Avoidance and procrastination

  • Burnout and self-sabotage

  • Limiting beliefs about oneself 

  • Productivity being tied to one’s self-worth

  • Emotional dysregulation 

Lucy Hancock is not a licensed therapist and Inward Inquiry LLC’s services are not a replacement for mental health services.

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