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Organizational Partnerships

Annual Partnerships

Annual partnerships are ideal for organizations eager to cultivate an authentic workplace culture. While there is no such thing as a perfect workplace dynamic, intentional discussions can unearth pressing issues, challenge existing practices, and amplify voices that should be heard.  As a result, trust is built, relationships become deepened, and people feel a sense of belonging.

Partnerships require a commitment to work together over a twelve-month period. Together, we assess needs and then collaborate on both an individual and group level.

During personalized Coaching/Consultation sessions, we delve into topics such as interpersonal dynamics, work-life balance, communication strategies, conflict resolution techniques, and goal setting. Through these sessions, we identify recurring themes that warrant group discussion. Subsequently, we facilitate structured Group Dialogues to explore these themes; which fosters collaboration, teamwork, and deeper connections.

If you believe your organization could benefit from such a partnership, I invite you to schedule a consultation call with me today. Let’s embark on this journey together.

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Organizational Services

Individual Consultations/Coaching:

Individual consultations allow Lucy to get to know each member of your team on a deep level. Especially prior to any Group Dialogue or Workshop, it’s important to know what’s working well, what’s not, and what each individual needs to thrive.

During these conversations we discuss why you do this work, personal strengths, and your perspective on the team’s dynamic. In order to work productively on a team, we have to first know ourselves.

Using the Positive Intelligence coaching model, we uncover barriers, behavioral patterns, and strategies for reframing challenges into opportunities.

Group Dialogues:

Group dialogues create intentional spaces for every voice to be heard, regarding a specific topic. Lucy guides the dialogue, asks thoughtful questions, and allows the conversation to organically unfold.

Not only do these spaces deepen relationships, but they also enhance team communication and collaboration - resulting in a stronger sense of purpose and belonging.


Workshops are an educational, interactive 1-3 hour experience where participants engage in small group and 1:1 discussions with plenary debriefs. There are a variety of topics shown below. Do you have another idea? Let’s talk! Lucy can customize workshops to meet your specific needs.


  • Relationship-Building Workshop

  • Codependency and Boundaries in the Workplace Workshop

  • Self-Care and Work/Life Balance Workshop

  • Conflict Management Workshop

  • Annual Review and Goal Planning Workshop


Partnership Pathways

Option 1: Six Month Intensive

  • Initial Individual Consultation/Coaching sessions

  • Monthly Group Dialogues 

Option 2: Deepened Team Dynamics

  • Initial Individual Consultation/Coaching sessions

  • Monthly Group Dialogues (10 in total)

  • Concluding Individual Consultation/Coaching sessions

*Ideal for those who want to focus more on team dynamics

Option 3: Enhanced Individual Support

  • Every other month Individual Consultation/Coaching sessions (6 in total)

  • Every other month Group Dialogues (6 in total)

*Ideal for those who want to focus more on individual support

All options are customizable and may be substituted with alternative options.  Lucy strives to work within each client’s financial needs, so please do not hesitate to disclose your budget so she can create a custom proposal.

Annual Partnership Options
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