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Hi, I'm Lucy!

Inward Inquiry

Trainer | Facilitator | Coach

Workplace environments have the potential to tap into our deepest insecurities and dysfunctional relational patterns. Without examining our personal histories, our subconscious can drive our actions, leading to power struggles, conflict avoidance, burnout, and toxic workplace cultures.


At Inward Inquiry, we explore our inner worlds through reflection and conversation, so we can show up as evolved, authentic, and empathetic leaders. This self-awareness transforms team dynamics and fosters a healthier and more effective environment where everyone can thrive.

Go inward, to influence outward

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Inward Inquiry


Inward Inquiry's services focus on cultivating positive relationships in the workplace, where we dedicate a significant amount of our lives. This environment has the power to either enhance our strengths, or intensify our pain points; depending on our past experiences and level of self-awareness.

​Our collaboration is centered on enhancing personal and workplace relationships through intentional conversations and radical self-inventory. Let's get started!

Inward Inquiry

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Inward Inquiry Reviews

"We've worked with Lucy as a business and had her present to groups.  She is always well prepared, well spoken, and well received.  We have been very impressed with Lucy's ability to present complex issues in a clear manner.  We truly LOVE what she brings to our team and our clients!"

Jodie McGill

Founder & Managing Partner of McGill Law P.C. LLO

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