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Hi, I'm Lucy!

Inward Inquiry

Trainer | Facilitator | Coach

Isn't it ironic that relationships are essential to our wellbeing, yet no one has taught us how to maintain healthy ones? There was no 'Relationships 101' course in school, leaving us to figure it out on our own. Our relational skills impact every aspect of our lives, including the people we marry, work alongside, and have in our social circles.

I have always been intrigued by the way people interact, manage conflicts, and repeat harmful behavioral patterns. I noticed a gap in education and conversation regarding these topics, which motivated me to develop courses, workshops, and groups to help others learn and grow. 

Lucy Hancock

Personal Growth Leads to Deeper Relationships

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Inward Inquiry

My Services

My services are centered around fostering healthy relationships in the two environments where we spend the majority of our time: home and work. Interestingly, these two settings can either bring out the best or worst in us, depending on past experiences.

The focus of our collaboration is to improve the relationships in your personal life and in your workplace through conversation and opportunities for connection. Let’s do this together!

Inward Inquiry

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Inward Inquiry Reviews

"We've worked with Lucy as a business and had her present to groups.  She is always well prepared, well spoken, and well received.  We have been very impressed with Lucy's ability to present complex issues in a clear manner.  We truly LOVE what she brings to our team and our clients!"

Jodie McGill

Founder & Managing Partner of McGill Law P.C. LLO

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